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Defining the Enterprise

Many leaders view their organizations as interconnected teams working toward common goals and seek reliable measures that demonstrate progress toward those goals. RGGA's Enterprise Design programs help leaders clearly define and communicate their view through the entire enterprise.

Enterprise Objectives

Enterprise Design begins with a clear, concise definition of objectives. Using RGGA methods and tools, enterprise capabilities, measures, participants programs and milestones are all tied directly back to the objectives they support.


Capability - the combination of skill, experience, capacity and intent that enables action. Enterprise objectives cannot be achieved without the underlying capabilities that enable organizations to act. Using RGGA tools, clients identify and leverage capabilities that create advantage and enable success.


History will not judge us for our intent ... but for our results. Results are achieved by objectively measuring and tailoring actions to meet objectives. RGGA works with clients to objectively and consistently measure capabilities, participants and programs based on their intended contributions to the enterprise.


Partners, suppliers, distributors, customers, competitors - all have roles, and each has needs that must be satisfied for the enterprise to succeed. RGGA design methods highlight the contributions and requirements of each major enterprise participant.


Action without direction is skill without experience. RGGA works with clients to identify programs that fundamentally change enterprise performance, creating advantage and enabling success.

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Enterprise Design

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Operations Planning

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Critical Program Management

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