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Enterprise Methods & Tools

RGGA combines its unique enterprise perspective with comprehensive tools that document and monitor performance. RGGA tools enable clients to identify key enterprise elements and their effect on performance. Most important of all, RGGA tools enable clients to identify and address significant performance issues before they affect enterprise success.


Enterprise diagrams identify core capabilities and emphasize relationships and contributions that develop and sustain those capabilities.


RGGA Enterprise Plans define initiatives essential to enterprise success, identify the capabilities that are impacted by each initiative and indicate when those initiatives need to deliver the results that enable clients to meet interim and overall objectives.


Diagrams and plans don't achieve results. Leaders and organizations do. RGGA methods and tools enable leaders to communicate clearly, create accountability, identify and address underlying issues before enterprise objectives are compromised.

Basic Concepts

Enterprise | Capabilities | Measures | Programs & Initiatives

Methods & Tools

Diagramming | Planning | Execution