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What is Your Enterprise?

Enterprise: A purposeful or industrious undertaking (especially one that requires effort or boldness).

RGGA works with customers to define their enterprise using using language, objectives and measures that organizations can actually use to assess performance and to identify changes needed to meet expectations.

Capabilities, Measures and Initiatives

A concise, objective enterprise definition enables RGGA customers to identify the capabilities that must be leveraged to create and sustain market advantage. This definition is then used to identify and implement specific initiatives that develop and enhance those capabilities. Objective program measures establish the accountability needed to ensure initiative success.

Methods and Tools

RGGA's enterprise methods are combined with standard office products to plan enterprise changes and monitor and report progress.


Successful implementations and consistent progress rely on the use of generally-accepted, unambiguous terms - starting with Enterprise Planning itself.

Basic Concepts

Enterprise | Capabilities | Measures | Programs & Initiatives

Methods & Tools

Diagramming | Planning | Execution